How many balloons can you inflate with a helium bottle?

How many balloons can you inflate with a helium bottle?

The different sizes of helium tanks

There are 3 or even 4 different sizes of helium bottles for sale. Here we will talk about the most common models, the bottle for “30 balloons” (0.2m3) as well as the bottle for “50 balloons” (0.4m3).

helium bottle for balloons

The helium bottle for 30 balloons

We are often told that with the 0.2 m3 bottle, we can inflate up to 30 latex balloons and indeed, this is the case, but for 23 cm latex balloons.
Balloon size is super important when it comes to inflating them with helium.

The size of the most common balloons is 28/30cm, so if you want to inflate 28/30cm balloons given that they are larger you will consume more helium and therefore inflate less.
Expect to be able to inflate around twenty 28/30cm balloons with a 0.2m3 cylinder.

On helium bottles, there is often a grid indicating the number of balloons that you can inflate depending on the size of your balloons and also their floating duration, this is the case for the helium bottles at Hello Ballon .

inflate helium balloons

The helium bottle for 50 balloons

It's the same principle for the bottle of 50 balloons. You can actually inflate 50 balloons, but 23cm. For 28/30cm balloons, count around forty.

Keep in mind that the larger your balloons, the more helium you will consume and therefore the fewer balloons you will inflate.

balloons in bouquet inflates helium

BE CAREFUL about the quality of your helium!

Now that you are aware of the number of balloons you can inflate with your helium tank, I need to know that the quality of the helium is extremely important !

There are stores that offer helium bottles at ULTRA attractive prices , but there is a big problem! Generally, the quality of helium is not always up to par !

Many customers are income to us explaining that they found bottles of helium in certain stores at very attractive prices, but that in the end with the bottle for "30 balloons" they managed to inflate only 5/6 balloons of 28/30cm while normally they were supposed be able to inflate around twenty. 

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YouTube video which covers this subject : https://youtu.be/hjTWg-qk5SU

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