Ceiling Balloons: Tips for Festive Decoration

Ceiling Balloons: Tips for Festive Decoration

The balloon is an essential element for the successful decoration of festive events such as weddings and birthdays. This article offers you two tips for having balloons on the ceiling!

balloon ceiling decoration

Tip #1: Inflate the balloons with air and stick them to the ceiling with double-sided tape!

The first step in any balloon decoration is obviously inflation. You will have to inflate your balloons by blowing inside them . If you have a lot to inflate, don't hesitate to ask for help or use a manual pump or if you have an electric inflator as this exercise can become exhausting very quickly.

After inflating your balloons add a small piece of double-sided tape to the top of your balloon and stick it to the ceiling .
Consider adding a little string to your balloons for a better visual effect.

Although this first tip is very simple and also inexpensive , it can leave marks, especially on your ceiling!

In fact , the double-sided tape that you use to stick your balloons to the ceiling can leave marks on your ceiling ! Not very pretty!

cheap helium balloons

Tip #2: Inflate the balloons with helium for a flying effect!

This tip, for its part, is a little more expensive, of course, but without risk . It involves using helium to inflate your balloons so that your balloons fly and stay stuck on the ceiling.

Helium is a gas lighter than air and therefore allows balloons to fly.
Inflate your balloons directly with helium, add a little string and let them rise to the ceiling by themselves!

Additionally, unlike the first tip, with helium, you can move your balloons wherever and whenever you want since they are not stuck !

However, remember to inflate your balloons shortly before your event, because the duration of balloons inflated with helium varies depending on the size of your balloons .

inflatable helium latex balloons

Conclusion :

The choice depends on your personal preferences, your budget and the level of risk you are willing to take. Whatever tip you choose, you will be able to add a joyful touch to your decoration with balloons floating from the ceiling.

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